Roar to you all.


We have now left France and are now in a country called Belgium. It is much smaller than France. Can you find Belgium on a map? What is the capital city called?

Some of the countries in Europe decided to join together to form a big network to make it easier for the countries to communicate, sell goods and make decisions with each other. They called this the European Union or EU. This is the flag of the EU. It has a blue background and yellow stars.

The EU has it’s home in the city of Brussels. Can you find out all the countries that are members of the EU? Colour them in on a map.
Each country still has it’s own country flag as well. Can you remember what colour the French flag was? This is the flag of Belgium:


In Belgium they speak 3 languages and some are more popular in different areas of the country. In the north they speak Flemish (which is similar to Dutch) Flemish is spoken by approximately 5.5 million people in Belgium and by a few thousand people in France.

Would you like to speak some?

hallo: Hello
Tot Ziens: Goodbye
dank u: Thank you
Ja: Yes
Nee: No
Welkom: Welcome

Here is a website to help you count in Flemish

In other parts of Belgium they also speak French and German. How many languages can you speak?

We have stopped at a nice campsite by the river in a town called Florenville.
Here is a picture of the valley:


We really like camping but Lion got very scared when he heard a noise outside the tent. When we went outside we found it was just Monsiour Hedgehog who had come to say hello.


We showed him our tent and all the things we have to do..



Put up the the tent every night.
Then we unpack our sleeping bags to keep us warm at night

Blow up our sleeping mattress called an air bed.

We also have to cook our food to give us energy to cycle the next day


We then like to talk about what we have done and plan where we will go next. Sometimes we wash our clothes and hang them out to dry…but only when it is sunny!




We also have to take all the bags (panniers) off and keep them safe in the tent. We then lock the bikes to a tree so they will be safe. What do you do to help around your home?

Monsieur hedgehog was very jealous. We asked him to stay but he had to scuttle off back to his family. He wished us well and for a safe journey.

He later came back and brought us some food they like to eat in Belgium. They are called Mussels. Here is a picture. They come from under the sea and you have to eat them out of their shell. They were very tasty.

Monsieur Hedgehog also brought some chocolate for desert. Belgium is famous for amazingly delicious chocolates. They were incredible.

Monsieur hedgehog also told us that Belgium is famous for cartoons and they would be great to read before we went to bed. He told us the most famous is ‘the adventures of Tin Tin’. Can you find a Tin Tin cartoon at the library and read it as your bedtime store? Tell us which is your favourite cartoon…


We have to sleep now. Tomorrow our owners want to cycle across Belgium and into the next country….can you find out which country they will go to..

Lots of roars

Dino and Lion

Things to do:

Go to the library and get a TinTin book to read
Make your own cartoon adventure all about Lion and Dino
Cook some chocolate recipes with your Dad or Mum
Go to a fishmongers and find out if they sell Mussels. What else do they sell?
Teach your family to speak some Flemish.
Make the flags of the EU and Belgium
Find Belgium on a map. How many people live there?

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