Good morning from Luxembourg City. This is the capital city of the country called Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is the 3rd smallest country in the European Union. Can you find out which countries are smaller?

Here is the flag.


Luxembourg City is built on a hill. It used to have a huge castle. Dino says that Luxembourg has many castles and a lot of them look like fairytale castles. The country also has lots of forests. This reminded Dino of his favourite fairy tale: Snow White. My favourite fairytale is Cinderella. Can you make a book about your favourite fairytale. Or video yourself retelling the story and show it to your friends.

In the city we saw the church along the river and I met a cousin of mine sitting outside the town hall. Luxembourg is famous for banking. Can you design your own money and coins.


The city has lots of viaducts to let the trains move around. These are large bridges that carry trains. Can you design a new, modern bridge. Have a look on the Internet for some ideas.


We have to go now as we are heading towards our next country. Can you guess where we will be next time?

Lots of roars


(Dino says hi…he is reading Snow White still)

Things to do:

Draw the flag of Luxembourg
Find out which 2 European countries are smaller than Luxembourg
Make a video or a book of your favourite fairy tale.
Design a new Funky bridge

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