Emergency Vehicles

Lots of vehicles are designed to help people. While we were at the museum we were able to see lots of Emergency vehicles.

Who uses these vehicles? Which one is old and which one is new?




One of the Fire Engines is old and one is new. Do they have anything the same? What equipment do Firewomen and Firemen need to carry on their engine?

Who drives this vehicle ? How do they help? Do all countries have the same colour cars?


How are these ambulances the same? How do they help people?



What is this vehicle used for? We saw this being used in Belgrade, Serbia.


You might drive this vehicle if you work in very cold wintery countries…


It is a snow blower, used for clearing roads. How is it adapted for it’s job?

This car is a medical car. Why does it have to go fast?


How does this vehicle help people?

Where does it help you get to?

This vehicle is used by the Pope. It has glass so people can see him but allows him to be protected too.


What other vehicles do you know that people use to help people?

Can you draw them?

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