Racing Cars

At the museum, we saw lots of different racing cars. Mercedes are a very famous racing team. Their cars are called the Silver Arrows.

These are the very old racing cars. How are they different from todays Formula 1 cars?



Do they look safe to drive? Sir Stirling Moss raced these cars. Can you find out more about him?

How are the cars changing in shape?



This is a modern F1 car. Do you know who drives it?


This is the engine from a Formula 1 car.


This is an American NASCAR. How is it different?


These are some different racing cars. They are called ‘touring cars’. In the UK cars like this race in the British Touring Car Championship.



We loved seeing the racing cars…


Things to do:

Can you design your own racing car.
Make a racing track for your toy cars.
Make a Maths board game that has the shape of a racing track
Research about the history of racing cars.
Research about your favourite racing driver, perhaps Sir Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button.
Make your own racing car out of a cardboard box.
Go to the library and find out what the fastest car in the world is (Guiness Book of Records)

Lots of roars

Dino and Lion

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