The History of the Car

When we visited the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, we learnt lots about vehicles. We learnt about the history of transport. Here is some information about the vehicles we saw.


A long time ago there were no cars or vehicles because the engine had not been invented.
Before the engine had been invented people used to use animals to pull vehicles. Farmers used horses or oxen to pull carts full of apples or corn. Rich people used horses to pull carriages so they could travel further. Poor people would not be able to afford to keep a horse so would have to walk. This limited how far people could travel.


The invention of the bicycle allowed ordinary people the chance to cycle longer distances. They could cycle to work in neighbouring villages or towns.


The invention of the steam engine meant that the train was invented. This was a very expensive form of transport, but allowed rich people to travel much further and faster than by horse and carriage (although very slow compared to our modern trains)


The steam engine also meant that boats could travel faster up rivers.


Two men: Mr Daimler and Mr Benz wanted to make a vehicle for ordinary people that was powered by an engine. A steam engine wouldn’t work as you have to have a large quantity of coal to power a steam engine (imagine carrying all that coal in your car and having a fire at the front to power the engine!)

So Mr Daimler and Mr Benz invented the petrol engine and put it on to a carriage. These are the first two examples of the first car:



Do they look like your car? How are they different?

The carriages with engines were very popular and so they designed a more comfortable car. This car was named after Mr.Daimlers favourite niece “Mercedes” and that’s where the name Mercedes came from.
How is this car different?


They invented more and more different cars: some with roofs, more comfortable seats, lights etc.

Have a look at how the car has changed over the years. These are cars from the 1930’s.







These are cars from 1945-1960.
Which is your favourite?





These are cars from 1960-1982. How has the car changed from the first Mercedes?





These are the newest Mercedes cars. Now cars are being designed to use less petrol and more cleaner fuels.



Can you find out more about the history of cars? Let us know what you discover

Lots of roars

Lion and Dino

Things to do:

Can you find out more about steam engines?
How does coal make a steam engine work?
Go to the library and find a book all about engines.
Design your own car.
Research about different kinds of transport such as trains or aeroplanes.
Make a list of things that cars had in the 1920’s and compare it to things that cars have nowadays

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