Wilkommen to Germany. Can you find Germany on a map?


This is the German flag.


The capital city of Germany is called Berlin.

But Germany used to be split into 2 countries. West Germany and East Germany. They built a huge wall to stop people moving between each country. This wall was called the Berlin Wall. It was pulled down in 1989 and the countries rejoined to form Germany. Would you like it if someone built a wall and stopped you seeing your friends in different neighbourhoods?

In Germany, they speak German. We learnt how to say hello and also count. Would you like to learn some German?

Hello: Guten Morgen
Good day: Guten tag
Goodbye: Auf Wiedersehen
Please: Bitte
Thank you: Danke
How are you? Wie geht’s
Yes: Ja
No: Nein

0 null
1 eins
2 zwei
3 drei
4 vier
5 fünf
6 sechs
7 sieben
8 acht
9 neun
10 zehn

Here is a website to help you:

They use the Euro to pay for things. Which other countries use the Euro?

Germany has a lot of forests. 31% of the country has trees on it. The most famous is called ‘the Black Forest’. A famous gateaux is named after it.

Germany has several rivers running through it. We cycled alongside the Saar River. The rivers are used to transport materials and goods from place to place. The Saar area is a famous coal area…this boat is transporting coal. What is coal used for? Why do people no longer use it in their houses?


We had to cross a river called the Rhine. Here is Lion waiting for the ferry.



Alongside the river, lots of crops were growing. This man is tending to his crop. Can you guess what it is?



Can you see what is growing?


These grapes are used to make wine. Germany makes some very famous wines.

While we were in Germany we also had lots of fun. We went to visit Stuttgart Football Club and saw them training. We wanted to play football too…


We also visited the Mercedes Car Museum. Here we saw racing cars, old cars and futuristic vehicles. You can read more about these in our October blog section. Germany is a very famous car making country. BMW, Mercedes and Porsche are some of the cars that are made by German manufacturers.


We also visited a monastery


Where we saw the monks chanting and praying to God.


These are the traditional clothes that German people used to wear. For festivals and special occasions people wear it to celebrate. It is called ‘lederhosen’.


These are our friends Hans and Gottlieb playing some traditional music. Can you find out some more about traditional dress and music that is popular in Germany?


We had lots of tasty food. Germany is famous for Sauerkraut (sour cabbage), Semmelknoedel (bread dumplings), Black Forest Cake, Brezeln (Pretzels) and wurst (sausages). Yum yum.

Here are some of the buildings we saw in Germany. What do you think about the way they have been built? Look at the different shapes, sizes and colours.





It’s time for us to cycle on. Can you find out where we are going next?


We need to find a river called ‘The Danube’. It is a long river that will help take us through Europe.

See you soon


Dino and Lion

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