Why are Dino and Lion cycling to South Africa?

Roar to you all,


We hope you are enjoying our blogs. We are enjoying cycling across Europe but we are not doing this trip just for fun. We also have an important mission! Would you like to know more about our mission?

We are cycling to different countries to find out about children who live or work on the streets of towns or cities.

We are very lucky because we have:

Houses to sleep in and to help us stay warm


Family to look after us and love us


Friends to make us smile and laugh


Food and drink


Doctors and medicine when we are ill


Free schools so we can learn, helping us to get better jobs when we are older


A name: something very special to us.


But some children don’t have those. They live on the streets as they don’t have a house or a flat. Some children don’t have any family to look after them and so live on the streets on their own.
Some children might have some family but their family have no money to buy food and clothes so the children have to work on the street to get money. Some children have no birth certificate so don’t even know what their official name is. When they get sick, they can’t visit a doctor.

Would you like to live like that? There are children in the UK, Europe and the whole world who live and work on the streets.

This makes us feel very sad. Lion says “roar…children should be allowed to be children. They should be able to go to school, play with their friends and laugh and smile’.

We will be visiting lots of centres and projects that help street children as we travel to South Africa. Our first blog about street children will be when we get to Serbia in a few weeks..

Join us at twitter @dinoandlion

If any teachers want their class to study our journey/interview us about what it is like to cycle through different countries you can email us at dinoandlion@gmail.com

Our owner also has a PowerPoint about street children suitable for KS1 and KS2 assemblies. Contact us for a free copy. Help Dino and Lion share their experiences and spread the word about the issues affecting street children.

We have a CRB check and our aim is to get children interested in learning about other countries/cultures and the issues affecting street children.

Keep on roaring!

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