Roar. Thank you to all the people who are reading our blogs. We are enjoying cycling from London to Cape Town.


We will write soon about cycling but now it is time to write about the country of Slovakia.

Here is a map of Slovakia. Can you name all the countries that border Slovakia?


We are still cycling along the Danube River. The river goes from Austria to the city of Bratislava. Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. Here is the flag of Slovakia.


Slovakia used to be part of a bigger country called Czechoslavakia. After World War II, Czechoslovakia was influenced by ‘The Soviet Union’ (now Russia) and was a Communist country. Communism means that you share what you get so that all people have the same. It sounds good but doesn’t always work with countries. Lion always shares his food with me and I always share my toys with Lion. We love seeing people share.

Czechoslavakia split into two different countries in 1993 to form Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Slovakian people speak Slovak. Would you like to learn some?

1 : jeden
2 : dva
3 : tri
4 : styri
5 : pat’
6 : sest’
7 : sedem
8 : osem
9 : devat’
10: desat’

A Slovakian called Štefan Banič invented the parachute. Can you make a parachute for one of your teddies?

Bratislava has a large bridge over the river. It is called the Novi Most bridge and nicknamed ‘The UFO bridge’. It was very windy when we cycled over it and Dino was a bit scared!


The food in Bratislava was very tasty. We had some Bryndza (a local sheep cheese speciality) and Zemiakove Placky (potato pancakes). Yum yum.

We had to pay for our food using Euro’s. Can you remember which other countries use the Euro?

We think it would be easier to get to South Africa on here. Lion asked the driver to take him to Cape Town but he said he could only take us to the castle at the top of the hill.



Slovakians are very good at ice hockey.

Goodbye from Slovakia. Remember to follow our journey at Cycle Africa the page has a map to show exactly where we are in the world.


Or join us at twitter @dinoandlion
Or our Facebook page: dino lion

Roar from

Dino and Lion

Things to do:

Find Slovakia on a map
Paint the flag of Slovakia
Design your own bridge to go over the Danube River
Teach yourself some Slovak words
make a parachute out of plastic/paper for your teddy
can you share some music, sweets or even just a smile with your friends
Can you play hockey outside or at school?

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