We are now in Hungary. Here is a map of the country and also it’s flag. The capital city is called Budapest.



Hungarians speak Hungarian. Would you like to learn some?

Hello or Bye: Szia
Goodbye: Viszontlátásra
Yes : Igen
No: Nem
How are you? Hogy van?
Please: Kérem
Thank you: Köszönöm
Good morning: Jó reggelt. – -.
Good afternoon: Jó napot

Click here to learn more Hungarian numbers

0 nulla
1 egy
2 kettő
3 három
4 négy
5 öt
6 hat
7 hét
8 nyolc
9 kilenc
10 tíz
11 tizenegy
12 tizenkettő
13 tizenhárom
14 tizennégy
15 tizenöt
16 tizenhat
17 tizenhét
18 tizennyolc
19 tizenkilenc
20 húsz

In Hungary, the money is called ‘Hungarian Forints’


Hungary was part of the Hapsburg Empire and then the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and the country was regarded as one of the cultural centres of the Western World. After World War II, the country was merged with the East to form a communist country. Remember, just like Slovakia was. Communism is where the government shares what it has and everyone is entitled to the same.. It sounds very good but it doesn’t work very well in countries. Hungary stopped being a communist country in 1989 and took down it’s barbed wire fence with Austria.

Hungary is home to the largest thermal (hot) water cave system and the second largest thermal lake in the world (Lake Hévíz), the largest lake in Central Europe (Lake Balaton), and the largest natural grasslands in Europe (Hortobágy). Can you find these on a map of Hungary?

We cycled to Budapest, the capital city. It is a beautiful city with lots of magnificent buildings. Here is the parliament


We climbed to the top of the fortress. Can you see the river? What is it called?



The church and other buildings have Hungarian tiles on the roof. They are all different colours. Can you make your own design for a roof. Make it colourful.


We visited some thermal spas in Budapest. The water was very hot (34 degrees) in some pools and very cold in other pools (19 degrees). It was great for our muscles and tired paws…cycling is a lot of work! Do you like going swimming in hot pools? We didn’t like the cold pools…they were like ice!


Hungary is famous for its hearty soup called ‘goulash’. This was a yummy soup and had lots of paprika spices in it. We saw some paprika growing in the fields. Hungary grows a lot of paprika.


A famous Hungarian person invented the Biro pen

and a famous Hungrian also invented the Rubiks cube


Time for us to go….keep on cycling


Dino and Lion

Things to do:

Can you cook a recipe that has paprika in it?
Perhaps make some goulash soup
Can you design a roof of a building with colourful tiles
Draw the flag of Hungary
Teach your friends to count in Hungarian

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