Roar to you all…we are now in…. “Republika Hrvatska”


That is how you say Croatia in the ‘Croatian’ language.

Croatian people speak Croatian

Here is a website to help you learn to say the numbers 1-10 in Croatian

numbers 1-10 in Croatian

Good Morning: Dobro Jutro
Thank you: Hvala
Good: Dobro
Please: Molim
Good Bye. Do Vidjenja.

some useful phrases in Croatian

Here is the flag of Croatia:


And this is a map of the country. Can you find Osijek and Vukovar on it? The River Danube goes through those towns and we cycled through them on our journey. The capital city is called Zagrab but we didn’t have time to visit it.


In Croatia, the money is called ‘Croatian Kuna’. Can you find out what the money looks like?

Croatia used to be part of a bigger country called ‘Yugoslavia’. In 1991 Croatia wanted to become independent. This started the Balkan War where Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia all started fighting. The war was not very nice. We saw some buildings that still had not been repaired.


This was the water tower in a town called Vukovar. The people have left it unrepaired as a sign to remember how bad the war was.

We don’t like people fighting. We think you should sort out your problems by talking to each other. When Dino upsets me, I always tell him why he has upset me. Once he knows why he has upset me, we can sort things out and become friends again.

Can you make a poster showing “what things make a good friend?”


Lots of people go on holiday to Croatia. It is the 18th most popular place for tourists to visit in the world. Can you make a list of the top ten places in the world that you would like to visit?

The beaches are very nice in Croatia. We didn’t have time to visit them this time. Boo hoo.

Because Croatia has a coast, seafood and fish are a speciality in Croatia.
Other foods are:
Pršut – smoked pork
Brodet/brujet – fish dish
Pašticada – stewed beef served in special gravy sauce with noodles


Also, they like to eat a special pastry called ‘fritule’


There are 4 types of national dress in Croatia. This is one example. We thought the men and women looked very smart.


What feather are the women wearing in their hair?


We didn’t see much of Croatia as the Danube only goes through a small part of the country… Time for us to cycle on…

Goodbye Roars


Things to do:

Learn some Croatian
Make a poster about “how to be a good friend”
Design your own national costume
Make a list of all the places you have visited and then choose the best and worst

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