Roar… We are now in our 10th different country since we started our trip! We are now in the country called Serbia. Serbia was the country that was fighting with Croatia and Bosnia. We are pleased that they stopped fighting.

Here is a map of Serbia…


Can you see the Danube River? We cycled from Croatia, down to Novi Sad. Then to the capital city Belgrade.. The river then took us to Smederevo. Can you follow the river and find out which country we will go to next?

This is the Serbian flag. Can you make a book of all the flags we have seen so far?


In Serbia they pay for things with Serbian Dinar’s


We used our Dinar’s to buy:







In Serbia, the people speak Serbian. Can you learn how to say the Serbian numbers?

learn how to say Serbian numbers

A famous tennis player is from Serbia. He is called Novak Djokovic and he is the number 1 tennis player in the world. Can you play tennis?


These are the pictures we took in Novi Sad. The River Danube is very deep now.



We met some friends in the park…


The Novi Sad Cycling Team took us on a tour of Novi Sad. The girl on the right is the under 15 Baltic champion. She races on mountain bikes. Do you like cycling? Thank you for showing us your beautiful city. We also visited a centre that looks after street children. Our next blog will be about ‘street children in Novi Sad’.


We also cycled to the capital city called Belgrade.
We queued up and bought some nice cakes. It was difficult to read words in Serbia because they use a different alphabet to us. The alphabet is called ‘cyrillic’. Have a look at the cake shop. Do the letters look the same?


Have a look at the alphabet at this website:

have a look at the Cyrillic letters

When we left Belgrade, we cycled along the Danube River again. The river banks turned into steep hills and we had to cycle through tunnels cut into the rock.
It was scary as our lights were not very bright. Dino kept roaring and the echo scared me!


The river weaved it’s way through the gorges… To the narrowest point of the Danube. We thought this was the most beautiful part of the river so far…


Off we cycle…. Which country will we go to next?

Lots of roars


Things to do:

Can you copy out the Cyrillic alphabet. Investigate other alphabets around the world.
Can you design a cycle top for Dino and Lion to wear
Learn how to say some Serbian numbers
Can you learn how to play tennis?

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