Roar from our next country. We have left Serbia and have entered the country called Romania…


The capital city is called Bucharest. Can you find it on the map? Can you also find the River Danube? The river runs along the border between Romania and Bulgaria.


This is the flag of Romania.


This is where we camped for one night. Can you see the river in the background. We camped on the brown area. It was very very dry grass.


The weather was so hot in Romania when we visited. It was over 33 degrees and the sun was shining every day. This heat and sun set fire to some of the dry grass next to the road. Can you see where the grass was burnt?


Here is some on fire. It was very hot and scary to cycle past. There were lots of these small fires.


One night we had to camp on some land near to a fire. Dino was very scared but I told him that there was a road in-between the fire and our tents and the fire couldn’t jump across the road. We were very safe. The fire looks very bright and hot in our photographs.


The fire started to move towards someone’s house. So, the Romanian fire brigade came to put the fire out. They squirted the fire with water. They also squirted Dino and Lion!


Fire is very dangerous. The firewoman told Lion that he should never play with matches.

Welephant helps children to learn about ‘fire safety’


click here to find some fun fire things to do..

Have you ever seen a fire engine? Can you draw a picture of a fire engine?

Can you make a poster to tell us how to keep safe from fire?

An area of Romania is called Transylvania. Bram Stoker, wrote a book about a vampire called Dracula. He said the vampire lived in a castle in Transylvania. Dracula was written in 1897 and it is one of Lions favourite books, but it is a bit scary.


Romania used to be one of the poorest countries in Europe. We saw lots of people still using horses and carts. But the country has changed a lot over the years. The people are becoming richer and the government is improving the roads, airports and education.

In Romania, the majority of people are Christians. At Easter time, after returning from church, children go to neighbors’ homes, to bring luck and wealth, in exchange for a red egg.


During local festivals, some people dress in traditional Romanian clothes


We enjoyed eating lots of Amandine cakes while we were cycling.


We had to pay for the cakes using Romanian Leu.


It’s time for us to go. We need to cycle over a long bridge to the next country on our travels…Bulgaria.

Lots of roars

Dino and Lion

Remember, our blogs come online every Friday. Come back next Friday to find out more about our time in Bulgaria…

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