Roar… We have now left Romania and we had to cycle across a bridge called the ‘friendship bridge’ into Bulgaria.


This is the flag of Bulgaria. It has stripes of colour…which other flags have stripes of colour?


Here is a map of Bulgaria… Bulgaria is surrounded by 5 other countries…can you name them?


We were sad when we got to Ruse as we had to leave the Danube River behind. It goes in a different direction to the way we need to cycle in. We cycled off and had to cycle up some hills. They hurt our paws. The weather also changed from sunshine to rain. We had to get our rain jackets out.

The capital city of Bulgaria is called Sofia. Can you find it on the map?

In Bulgaria, they use a different alphabet. It is called a Cyrillic alphabet. Some of the letters look similar and some look different. Can you write your name in Cyrillic? Use this site to help you…

have a look at the Cyrillic letters


Can you remember which other country we have visited that uses the Cyrillic alphabet?

The east part of Bulgaria borders a sea called ‘the Black Sea’. We were excited as it was the first time we had seen the sea since we left England.


It was too cold to play on the beach though.
This is the church in a town called Pomerie.


We enjoyed the lovely food in Bulgaria.

We had lots of Yogurt (kiselo mlyako)



Banitsa is layers of whisked egg and cheese between pastry. It is then baked.


And shopska salad


We paid for the food using Bulgarian lev


We had to cycle away from the flat River Danube and into the hills. It turned cold and wet when we got up in the hills…


What’s your favourite type of weather? Can you find out what the weather is like in Bulgaria now?


Time for us to go now…. Many roars

Dino and Lion

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