The Story of Christmas


Roaring Christmas greeting to you all… We hope you are hanging up your stockings, putting the Christmas tree up and also wrapping presents for your mum and dad.


Sometimes it is easy to forget the meaning of Christmas. We were lucky enough to visit Israel and Palestine this week. This is where the Christmas story happened. It was amazing to see the place where Jesus was born. This star represents the place where Jesus was born


Here is our story of Christmas for you… Can you find the places on the map?


A long time ago there lived a young lady called Mary.


One day, Mary was in her house when suddenly a bright light appeared. An angel appeared from heaven. Mary was shocked and frightened.
“Do not be afraid. I have been sent by God with good news.” said the Angel “You have been chosen to have God’s son. You will call him Jesus. He will be the saviour of the world.”

The angel left Mary. Mary felt very proud and happy to have been chosen by God for this special event.


Mary married a carpenter called Joseph.


At this time of year, people had to go to the place where they were born to register themselves. Mary and Joseph had to journey to the town where Joseph was born. They had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Mary was close to giving birth so she had to travel on a donkey. It was a long journey through the hot desert areas.


Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem late in the day. Lots of people had come to register. They knocked on the door of an inn (Hotel).

“Is there any room in your inn?” asked Joseph wearily.
“No” replied the Inn keeper.

They asked at another Inn and that also had no room. Mary was very tired and close to giving birth to her baby.

Finally, an inn-keeper felt sorry for them.
“I have no rooms, but you can stay in the stable round the back?” said the Inn-keeper.


Mary and Joseph were glad to find somewhere to rest so went to the stable. After a while, Mary gave birth to her baby.

It was a baby boy. She called him ‘Jesus’ , wrapped him in warm cloth and laid him in a manger.


A bright star appeared over the stable.


At the same time, on some nearby hills a group of Angels appeared to shepherds who were looking after their sheep.

“Do not be afraid. I come with great news. A baby has been born who is the Son of God. He has been born in a stable in Bethlehem. Follow the star and go and worship him” said the Angel.


The shepherds were amazed by the news. They took their sheep and went to Bethlehem.


A long way away, far in the East some Wise Men were watching the sky looking for stars. Suddenly they saw a new star appear. They knew this star was important.
“The star is a sign that a new King has been born!” they exclaimed.


The Wise Men were very keen to see this new king. So they set off on a long journey to follow the star.


When they arrived at the stable, they found Mary, Joseph and the shepherds in the stable watching over the baby Jesus.

Caspar brought a gift of gold. Gold means power and riches and is a symbol of a king.


Balthasar brought a gift of frankincense. Frankincense is burnt in temples to make a sweet smelling smoke. It is a sign that Jesus would be a holy man.


Melchior brought a gift of myrrh. Myrrh is a sweet smelling gum used when burying bodies. It is a sign that Jesus would be an important man and would prepare him for his death.


Everyone gave thanks for the birth of Jesus. This completed the Nativity. There was joy in the stable.


Here is a PowerPoint story of the ‘birth of Jesus’
The Nativity Story

We wish you a very Happy Christmas. Roar, roar, roar!


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