Roar to you all…

Remember our blog from Turkey? We were very sad as we couldn’t cycle through the country called Syria.

We are feeling happier now! We flew in an aeroplane and it was great fun. I had a little sleep and Dino ate all the food on the plane. When we landed we were in a country called ‘Jordan’.

This is the view we saw out of the window. It looked very different to Turkey. There were hardly any plants, it was very dry and dusty and rocky!


Here is a map of Jordan. We flew into the capital city called Amman. Can you find it on the map?


Here is the flag of Jordan.


Jordan has a King called King Abdullah. We also met Princess Wijdan of Jordan when we visited the art gallery in Amman.


In Amman, we saw the ampitheatre


We also had some great food in Amman. One speciality is called Mensaf. This is lamb or chicken with rice and a sour yoghurty soup. Yum yum.


We also had lots of hummus and falafel. They are both made out of chickpeas.


We paid for our food using Jordanian dinars


In Jordan, the language Jordanians speak is called Arabic.

Here is a website to learn how to greet people in Arabic click here

Arabic uses a different alphabet. Arabic is written from right to left. The letters look beautiful.
Have a look at the alphabet here: click here

92% of people are muslim and believe in the religion called Islam. We will write more about Islam in our next few blogs.

When we left Amman, we cycled down to Sea Level.



This is a very famous part of the world as you can keep on cycling down lower than sea level to the lowest point on Earth.

We visited the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is so salty that nothing can live in it. There are no plants or fish. The salt also makes you float. It is impossible not to float. It was great fun watching our owner. We couldn’t go in because it would damage our fur!


We camped outside peoples houses. They were very interested in us. The children brought us bread and cups of tea. What have you done today that is kind?



We had to cycle back up to the top of the mountains. It was very rocky and hot. There were not many plants.


On the hills, there were lots of castles. These were called crusader castles.



We also visited one of the ‘New 7 Wonders of the World’ called Petra. We will write more about that in another blog…

The last place we visited was the desert! It was called Wadi Rum. There was sand everywhere and it was very hot! We got driven around in a truck which was great fun!




We have to go and get the sand out of our fur. We also need to go and catch a ferry. It will take us over the sea and to Africa…. Goodbye Jordan!


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