Thank you KICS

Dino and Lion have had an amazing day!

We were up early to get our visa’s for Ethiopia.

We then had a fantastic time visiting the children of KICS in Khartoum. We would like to say a big hello to our new friends at KICS. Thank you for making us feel so welcome…


We hope you enjoyed learning about our trip


We loved visiting your school and talking to Seniors and Infants and hope you enjoyed meeting us. Dino had a big lunch afterwards..yum yum.

We then went to visit a street child project in Khartoum. Thank you to James and Aida. We saw how 30 boys are being helped. They live in the centre and are helped to learn and some are studying at university. One boy told us ‘it has given me a new life!’ We will write more about our visit soon…. Helping street children reach their full potential.

Once again thank you to KICS and also a hello to our friends at MES and BISC in Cairo. We have to go now as Dino is hungry again…you can hear his stomach rumbling over in the Nile Valley.

Big roars to you all


Dino and Lion


If you have any questions you can email us at
Visit: our Facebook page Dinolion
Twitter: @dinoandlion

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8 thoughts on “Thank you KICS

  1. We liked having a look at the photographs today. 6M want to wish you good luck for the rest of your journey. Josh was wondering how many miles you have left to go? Hope you raise lots of money for charity!

    • Roar to 6M in Wokingham. Roar. We are happy you are following us. Let us know how your blog topic is going. We are waiting for our Ethiopian visas. Sad that everton got beat last night.Dino is having a huge cake while waiting.he loves to eat. We leave Khartoum tomorrow and head to Ethiopia. Josh: we have done 4000miles and have nearly 7000miles left to go! Send us more questions! Big roars from lion. Dino says bye but has his mouth full of cake!

  2. Rory, Sam and Connor in 6P at Emmbrook Junior School

    We hope that your journey is a success and that you raise lots of money for the chosen charity. Sam would like to know if Jetlag affects the speed and distance you cycle in a day?
    Connor would like to know how many cyclists have taken part in raising money for the charity?
    Rory would like to know how much food and water do you consume each day?
    We wish you luck!

  3. Josh,Archie,Ben,Max and Shaun of the mighty 6p in Emmbrook Junior school

    Hello,we enjoyed looking at your amazing pictures. How long do you ride each day? Well done for getting this far.


    josh archie max ben shaun

  4. Bethany, Jasmine, Emily and Ellie

    Hello this is 4 children from Emmbrook Junior School 6P (Jasmine,Bethany,Emily and Ellie).We were just commenting to say we love your blog and pics.Bethany asks how do you have the time to ride around the world on your bikes and blog at every place you go? Jasmine asks is it fun to ride your bike around the world? Emily asks whats the best thing you have done so far? and Ellie asks how many languages do you know?Btw we all love lion and dino and good luck for the rest of your bike ride. Bye xxx

  5. 6P

    Dear dino and lion,
    we looked at your blog and pictures we think that you are doing a great job for charity and hope you raise millions of money.
    How many countries do you have left? Also why have you got a lion and a dinosaur?.
    We wish you good luck.

    from Bonnie,Nicole,Ella,Charlotte and Emily and 6p 🙂

  6. 6P

    This is Marni,Ellie,Elizabeth and Mollie from Emmbrook Junior school. we were wondering if you get tired on your journey? we also have another question do you have breaks if so how long are they?
    Best wishes for your journey
    6P x

    • Thank you to 6p for all your comments! Roar to you all! From Lion (Dino is still eating His last falafel that he saved from Sudan! )

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