Floating and Sinking

Who likes going swimming?

We love swimming: Lion is really good at floating on the surface but Dino always sinks to the bottom (because he always eats too much!)

When we were in Jordan, we visited a very special sea. All oceans and sea have water that is at the same level. Apart from one special ocean. Can you see on the poster how the water in Mediterranean Sea is much higher up that the sea in the middle. This is very unusual.



The sea is called the ‘Dead Sea’. It is called the Dead Sea because it is so so so salty that no plants or fish live in the sea. Here’s a map showing you the sea.


The salt also makes it a fun place to visit! You always float in the Dead Sea. People can’t sink even if they can’t swim! Here is our owner floating and reading the paper. He doesn’t need to use his hands or arms to float! We couldn’t go in the sea as the salt would ruin our soft fur!



Do heavy things always sink? Do light things always float?
Which of these float and which sink?







Here is a website to help you learn more about floating and sinking.

click here for a ‘floating and sinking’ game

Here’s a game for you:

1) collect 10 things from around your house (paperclip, pencil, fork, cork etc)

2) drop them into a bath full of water and see which ones float and sink

3) get different fruits and see which ones float and sink. Try peeling an orange, apple, lemon. Do they float or sink?

4) Get a ball of plastercine. Drop it into a bath full of water. What happens? Can you make different shapes out of the plastercine? Can you make shapes that float and shapes that sink?

more fun experiments

Happy floating from Lion.

Happy sinking from Dino.


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