The lost city of Petra

When we were in Jordan we met a friend. Charlie the Camel took us to a special place that was hidden from people for a long long time. Only the people of Jordan called the Bedoiuns knew where this ancient world was.


It was an ancient city called Petra. People started living in this area nearly 9000 years ago. 3000 years ago the people started building huge buildings.

Can you see the holes in the rocks? These were the Royal Tombs where they buried their important rulers.


We climbed high onto the hill to look at the ancient city called Petra.


We met our friend Colin the Cat. He told us to look at all the rocks…. There were lots of carvings..


One rock was carved so that it looks like a Lion. Can you see the legs? Water used to pour out of the lions mouth into a pool where people could drink from. Water was very important as in the desert there is not much water. Every drop must be used carefully.


The people built channels in the rock to bring water to their city from far away streams. Can you see where the water would flow?


The people of Petra also built huge buildings into the rock. This one was carved at the top of a mountain. It is the monastery. It was so tall and magnificent.



To get to the city you had to walk through a narrow crevice called the ‘Siq’. It was amazing.


When you got to the end of the ‘siq’ you could see a tremendous building in the rock. This is called the ‘Treasury’. It is like a bank.


Here is the treasury. It was awe inspiring to see the different colours of the rock. Dino was amazed that this had been carved 3000 years ago!


After all that sightseeing, we needed a cup of chai to think about the amazing things we have seen.


Have you ever been to Petra? Where is the most amazing place that you have visited?

Lots of roars

Dino and Lion

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