A day on the road…

We would like to say a big roar to 6P at Emmbrook Junior School who have sent us some great questions. Lots of the questions were about what happens in our day. So, we felt inspired to share our daily routine with you.

We don’t cycle every day. We usually cycle for 3-4 days and then have some rest days. We try to rest in interesting places so that Dino can eat lots of food and Lion can go and explore the interesting buildings and places.

On a cycling day this is what happens:

Our alarm usually goes off at 7am. We then have to deflate our sleeping mat, pack away our sleeping bag and take down the tent. Can you see all our bags packed into the tent to keep them safe at night?


We then put all our bags on the bike and have our breakfast. Usually this is bread and jam. Sometimes, if we are in a village we find somewhere to get an omelette made.

We then clean our teeth, put our cycle helmets on and climb onto the bike.



When we are ready to go (around 8.30am), we climb into the bags to shelter from the wind. Otherwise we might blow away or fall off the back of the bike. We always peek out so we can see the countryside that we cycle through and wave/roar at the people we meet!

After we have cycled 40km (around 11am), we usually stop for a cup of tea and a snack. Lion has to try to stop Dino eating all our food otherwise we wouldn’t have anything left for lunch. We drink water all the time from our drinks bottles that are on our bikes.


We then cycle another 40km until lunch where we stop for a 45min to 1 hour rest. Usually we try to stop in a village where we can buy food like falafel wraps or rice. Sometimes we just stop at the side of the road and eat some food.

In the afternoon we then cycle another 30km (we are usually quite tired by then) and at 5pm we start looking for somewhere to sleep. We have to find a safe and sheltered place to put up our tent. If we are near a village, we might ask a local person if we can put our tent next to their house. Then the local people make sure we are safe during the night. Once we even camped on a football pitch. Dino had a football game with some of the village children.


We then cook some food, usually pasta or rice with vegetables.


We usually relax and have a chat about the things we have seen during the day and plan where we are going to cycle to tomorrow.


Sometimes we arrive early and have some time to play and relax.



When we were in England, we used to go to bed at 9 or 10pm but we go to bed at 7.30- 8pm as cycling makes us very tired and we need lots of sleep to let our body recover.

That’s what happens in a normal day but sometimes we have days where special things happen:

When we cycle from one country to another we have to show our passports and get a stamp. We also take time to have a photo at the Border crossing.


Sometimes we see really interesting things at the side of the road so we stop to have a look. Lion likes learning about animals and plants. Can you see what is growing on these plants?



We also see lots of different animals. They like to ask us what we are doing? We have made many friends along our journey.





When we have a day off, we usually go and visit all the historical and interesting sites in the town or city. Here are some of our favourite sites.





We also meet lots of people. We try to wave and smile at everyone we meet. A smile can make someone else smile.. Try and pass on a smile to someone today …






Lots of children are very excited to meet us. They think we are cute and cuddly. They like to stroke our fur and talk to us about their country.




Sometimes we have time to visit some schools to talk about our journey. We enjoy answering the children’s questions and telling the children about the children that live on the street.





If you would like us to visit your school next year when we get back to England, then get your teacher to send us an email. Dinoandlion@gmail.com

The last thing we do is watch the sun set and then it is time for bed! Where there are lots of roars and snores! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz


If you have a question you can send us a comment on our blog. Or email dinoandlion@gmail.com

Roars and snores xxxxxx

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