Big exciting roars to you this week. Dino is running around chasing his tail because he is so happy. Why, you may ask? Dino and Lion are in a newspaper in England called the TES! Dino thinks that now he is in a newspaper, he will be able to go on I’m a Celebrity..Get me out of here….

However, Lion would like to tell you all about their journey this week.

It was time for us to leave Egypt and catch a boat acoss a huge lake called Lake Nasser. The boat would take us all the way to our new country…Sudan.

Can you see where Sudan is in Africa?


Here is a larger map. Can you see Lake Nasser? The boat went from Aswan (Egypt) to Wadi Halfa (Sudan).


The boat only goes once a week and so it was very crowded. People and luggage filled the deck. The boat took 17hours to sail across Lake Nasser. Dino had falafel wraps for lunch.


Sudan is a very hot country. At the moment it is their winter, but it is still 30degrees centigrade. Much of the country is desert. Most nights we found safe places to camp in the desert. It was very peaceful in the desert and because there are no lights it meant we could see amazing stars. We even saw some shooting stars!


Sudan doesn’t get much rain and because of the heat it makes the Earth very dry.

Luckily there was a Tarmac road for us to cycle on but either side was miles of sand.


By the sides of the River Nile, people can grow crops and trees can grow. They use the water from the Nile to water their crops.

Here is a photo of a village we stayed in. We put our tents next to their houses. The chief of the village brought us goats milk to drink. Dino was very happy! He said it tasted different to cows milk…a bit of a nutty flavour!




We saw lots of children going to school. School starts early before the day gets too hot! Sometimes the children have to walk many miles to get to school. How do you get to school?


After school had finished, we saw lots of children playing games near their houses. The children were very intrigued to see us on our bikes.


In one village we met some friends on a donkey.


We also saw lots of camels. Some were being taken to be sold at Market.



Most of the villagers had several goats.


The favourite part of our day was just before we went to bed. The sunset in Sudan was so beautiful!


When we visited the capital city Khartoum, we went to see some local wrestling. There was a man beating a drum. The crowd really enjoyed the wrestling.



There was a lady selling nuts. We enjoyed watching the wrestling.


This is the Sudanese flag.


In Sudan, we had to speak Arabic to people. Can you remember how to speak Arabic?

Dino also enjoyed eating Omelettes and fuul (cooked beans) for breakfast, falafel for lunch and meat and rice for dinner. Yum yum.

We paid for the food using Sudanese pounds.

The Sudanese people are a very friendly, calm and respectful nation. We really enjoyed our time in Sudan. It is time for us to watch one final sunset before we go….

Lots of roars



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