Water of life..

Roar to you all. This weeks blog is all about something that we all need lots of to be able to live…. Can you guess what it is?


Yes, this week we are writing about water. Dino loves drinking lots of water…it keeps his brain working hard all day long. We are used to drinking water from the tap in England. While we have been cycling, most of the countries have had taps in their houses where you can get clean water to drink…

However, now we are in Africa, water is becoming more special and there is less of it around!
In fact… It has not rained for nearly 3 months…. So rivers and lakes in some countries are beginning to dry up, the soil is dusty and the grasses are looking yellowy instead of green.
Soon the rainy season will arrive…Lion is scared of getting his fur wet! The rainy season will allow all the plants to turn green and start growing again. The rivers and lakes will fill with water and animals and people will have lots of water to drink!

Water for plants to grow!
This is the River Nile in Egypt. The water in the river allows the plants to grow. Can you see how green the banks of the river are….
Now look further from the bank….can you see that away from the water, nothing is growing, and there is just miles of desert! Without water: nothing can live or grow!


In Khartoum in Sudan, the people use pumps to pump the water from the river into the fields so that more vegetables can be grown further away from the river. Can you see the pipes pumping the water?


Water for drinking

We all need to drink water. If you are thirsty, where do you get your water from?

Is it a tap in your kitchen? In England most houses have water in their taps… In cities in Africa, some houses have water that comes out of the taps.

This is a house from a village in Africa. It doesn’t have any taps.


Instead of taps, the people fill up barrels with water. The barrels are outside the house.


If they don’t have a tap…then where do you think the people get their water?

The people in this village have to walk a long way to collect water. Sometimes, they collect water from rivers


Or tiny streams…here they are collecting water from a stream that runs through the rocks


Sometimes from watering holes in the ground


Sometimes, their may be a pump nearby that brings water up from below the ground…


People have to carry the water a long way back to their house. Women and children mainly carry the water. We met this girl walking for miles with her sisters to get water.


Water is very heavy, so sometimes people take donkeys to carry the heavy water drums back.
Here are the donkeys walking down to the lake.


Can you see them carrying the yellow water drums back?

Water that makes you sick….

In England we can drink the water that comes out of the tap because it has a special chemical called chlorine in it. Chlorine kills lots of bad bacteria that make you sick and ill. It is really important that we drink clean water otherwise it can make you sick!

Look at the water in the rivers and watering holes…


Would you like to drink this water?


This water is dirty and not safe to drink. There are lots of bacteria and bugs that can make you really sick… Lots of people around the world die because they can’t drink clean water. That made Dino really sad!

When we collect water, we have to use a water filter to get the bugs and bacteria out. Here we are with our friend Scott filtering some water to make it clean and safe for us to drink. Can you see the filter and the tubes carrying the water. It is like magic…it turns the dirty water in the blue sack into safe water for us to drink in the red bottles.


Water that comes from under the ground is clean and safe to drink…

Collecting water from a pump is much better and stops people getting sick from drinking dirty water.


What else do people use water for?

If there is no tap in your house and you have to carry water a long way…then you want to save the water for cooking and drinking…. So people wash their bodies in the rivers and lakes. Water is too precious to use for a shower in your house!

Would you like to collect water from a lake that someone had just showered in?

People also do their washing in the lakes, rivers and streams.



Dino liked this pump…. It is a ’roundabout’ pump.. Every time the children turn the roundabout….it pumps the water from below the ground… It makes collecting water a really really fun game… lion felt dizzy though because the roundabout went too quickly!



Next time you turn on the tap…have a think about all the people who have to walk a long way to collect their water. Turn off the tap when you don’t need the water…let’s try and save as much water as we can!

If you want to play some watery games and learn more about water click the link below

More watery games…
Big roars….

Love Dino and Lion


Learn more about ‘how charities are helping people get clean water’ by clicking the links below


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4 thoughts on “Water of life..

  1. Wow, just what we need for our water charity! Thank you! Need to create an entry and link it to you.

  2. Anna

    Hi Dino and Lion (it’s Meg again). Me and Mummy loved reading about the water pumps. Our school is working hard to raise money to get a water pump at our sister school in Uganda. We need to raise £6.5K – we’ve raised £2.5k so far.
    Wish us luck.
    Love from
    Meg xx

    • Good luck for raising lots of money. We are cycling through Uganda next week. Tell us the name of your partner school and we will try and wave our paws if we cycle past! Dino and Lion

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