Religion in Ethiopia

Roar to you all,


We have cycled through many countries and seen how different each country can be… We have also seen that although people believe different things, eat different foods and speak different languages, we are all the same. We are all kind, helpful, like listening to music, playing with our friends and talking to our neighbours.

We have just cycled through Ethiopia, a truly beautiful country.

The countries north of Ethiopia are Muslim countries where the majority of people follow the religion called ‘Islam’. Learn more by looking at our blog

Ethiopia has some Muslim people but the main religion is called ‘Coptic Christianity’. It is a special form of Christianity. Would you like to learn more?


Coptic Christians still believe in God and Jesus. Their special book is the Bible.

People go to worship at church.
Some of the churches and monasteries are round buildings.


Some are rectangular.


The insides are decorated with bright pictures from the bible. Can you recognise any of the stories?






Saint George is very special to Ethiopians. He is also very special to English people as he is the Patron Saint of England. St. Georges Day is celebrated on the 23rd April every year!

Some were built in the 12th century nearly 800 years ago. These are very famous churches in a town called Lalibela. They were carved out of rock. They were amazing and must have taken years to excavate.



Here are the priests. They hold a cross which worshippers kiss and have their forehead touched by it.


We saw the priests celebrating in Lalibela. View our video to see the chanting and praying

Lots of people were praying and reading the bible.






Even this small child was praying in one of the churches.


We were amazed by the churches in Lalibela.

Big roars to you, it’s time for us to have a drink and relax before we start cycling again.

Dino and Lion


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