Big roars from Kenya! We have cycled almost halfway down the world!


We have now cycled across a very special marker…. If you look at a globe or a map you can see a line called ‘the equator’.


Dino was expecting to see a dotted line across the roads and fields… but there wasn’t. There was a very nice sign to show where the equator is.


The equator is the line that shows the middle of the earth.

England is north of the line in the ‘northern hemisphere’.

Cape Town is south of the line in the ‘southern hemisphere’.

Twice a year, around the 21st March and 22nd September each year, the Sun is directly overhead as seen by someone on the equator. This means that on these days the length of daylight and night are equal. These days are called the Equinox.

We asked Scott to demonstrate a science experiment. Because of the way the world spins….water north of the equator goes down a plughole a different direction to water south of the equator.

Have a look closely to see which way the water spins in the video


The bowls are a trick though as the force is not great enough to have an affect on the water.

Have a look at the way the water spins in your sink…. Does it go clockwise or anticlockwise?

Have a look at a globe and follow it all the way around the world. Can you write down all the countries that the equator passes through?

How long is the equator?

As we go further south, we will also pass another special marker called the ‘tropic of capricorn’. Can you see that on the map?

Just after the equator, we passed a very special marker for this trip. In the shadow of Mount Kenya, we discovered that we had cycled exactly 6000 miles since leaving London. Here we are celebrating with Mount Kenya in the background. It was boiling hot where we were, but can you see the snow on the mountain top?


Well… Time for us to go


Big roars from the equator

(Dino is still looking for the dotted line on the ground! )


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