Big roars to your from the country called Uganda. Some of our friends were at the border to welcome us… They clapped us as we cycled past


Here is a map to show how far we have cycled.



Our first stop was a lake called Lake Victoria. It is a huge lake in East Africa.


At this lake a very special river starts it’s journey. In a town called Jinja, the River Nile starts it’s journey all the way to the Meditteranian Sea.


There were lots of people fishing in the River Nile.


We also visited the capital city of Uganda. The capital city is called Kampala. We visited a charity that helps children who live on the street in Kampala. Did you read our blog about the slums?

When we bought things in Kampala we had to pay using Ugandan shillings


Uganda was a very green country with lots of different plants and trees. Although it was hot, there was a lot of rain. Villages all had water pumps for people to drink clean water.


Uganda has some flat valleys but also some huge mountains and hills.
In the hills, people had cut Ridges or terraces so that they can grow Crops high up on the hills.


High up In the hills, Uganda also has some rainforest and some very special animals live there. We went to find them…they are called Mountain Gorillas…we will write more about our journey to see them soon… They were amazing animals. Dino was very excited to meet them!


We also saw a huge bird called a Marabou Stork.



The stork gave us directions to the Equator…we were very excited to cross over the equator again. Did you read our blog about the Equator?


When we crossed the equator their was a flag of Uganda blowing in the wind.

20120424-132123.jpg’s time for us to go…. Have a great week and send us a message to show your support!

Big roars


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