Do children have “rights”?

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On our trip so far we have met many families and children who are happy, safe and enjoy being children, laughing and playing lots with their friends.


Unfortunately, a small number of children are not so lucky. We have met some children who have not got a home, not got any family: their life is hard and they don’t often find times to laugh or play.



We think this is unfair and we want to know more about the ‘rights’ that children are entitled to.


“Rights” are things that every child should have or be able to do. All children, across the world, have the same rights!

These rights ensure that children are safe, happy and have the opportunity to grow into successful adults.

Here are some of the rights children should have….

1) right to go to school and have a good education



2) right to doctors, health and medicine


3) right to play and enjoy themselves



4) right to express themselves, they should be able to talk about their feelings


5) right to shelter: they should be able to live in a house, flat or somewhere that protects and shelters them.


6) right to protection from danger


Governments across the world are working hard to improve the rights that children have. Most have signed up to an agreeement called the ‘UN rights of the child’

You can see some children from a Kenyan Primary School talking about children’s rights at

Here is a poster explaining some more information about the rights that all children have..


Can you make a booklet telling your classmates or friends about ‘the rights of the child’

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