Keeping safe

Last week we were very sad as our owner got hurt.


When he was being very careful, a bus got too close and pushed him and his friend off the road. They slid on the slippy sloppy mud and the bikes fell over. We rolled over and over in the pannier bags. It was like we were in a washing machine! When we crawled out of the bag…we were shocked to find our owner and his friend were lying in the mud and when they stood up their knees were huge!


They couldn’t cycle any more but luckily some kind people drove them to the hospital and they had to get an xray. The xray took a photo of the inside of the knee!

Luckily they didn’t break their knee caps or legs and just have to rest with ice on their knees!

Have you ever hurt yourself? Have you ever had an xray? Dino once hurt his paw when he fell out of a tree but he didn’t break any bones!

Roads are very dangerous. When you are near a road or travelling on a road you must always keep safe! What do you do to keep safe when you are travelling to school?


Lion taught Dino the Green cross code.


Here are some games to learn more about keeping safe on the road..
Click here for the Green Cross Code games

When cycling we always wear a cycle helmet, and we cycle slowly. When it rains we always cycle much slower and put our brakes on slowly.
Lion has stabilisers on his bike so it doesn’t wobble as much when he is riding his bike!


You should also keep safe when you go swimming.


Dino says he always walks around the poolside as the floor is often wet and slippy.
You should never dive into a pool incase the water is not very deep: lion says he doesn’t want to hurt his head!
Dino is still learning to swim: he says he always stays in the shallow end wearing his arm bands or his rubber ring.

When our owner was young he joined a lifesaving club and learnt how to keep safe in water. When we are older we are going to join a Rookie Lifeguard club… They do lots of great things to help you learn how to keep safe…we are looking forward to jumping in the swimming pool wearing our pyjamas!


To find out more about ‘water safety’ visit The Royal Lifesaving Society’s website..


What other things do you do to keep safe at home or when shopping?

Time for us to go….we have to help our cyclists get better.

Big roars

Dino and Lion


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