Greetings from Rwanda.

Here is a Map of Rwanda. It is a small country in East Africa.



This is the Flag of Rwanda.


In Rwanda, the main language is French because Belgium used to own the country a long time ago. Rwanda is now an independent country but the people still speak French. Can you remember any French from when we cycled through France and Belgium?

Click here to learn french

People also speak Kirwandan: would you like to learn some?

Yego. Yes
Oya. No
Uvuga icyongereza? Do you speak English?
Bite? What’s Up?
Mwaramutse Hi/Good Morning

We had to change our Ugandan shillings into Rwandan Francs…


Rwanda is very famous for its large Hills. It is often called the ‘land of a thousand hills!’
Luckily we didn’t have to cycle over many of them as the road had been built in the flat valley! Phew…we would have been very tired if we had cycled over all the hills!
It was one of the most beautiful countries we have visited so far on our cycle ride…




A very bad thing happened nearly 25 years ago. Two different tribes, that used to live peacefully, had an argument and lots of people died. It was known as a Genocide. It was a sad time in the history of Rwanda. Lots of children lost their parents, family and friends.



However, people are now working together, regardless of the tribe they belong to. It’s important that even though we are all different…we treat each other the same. Lion and Dino are very different, but it is important that they look after each other and not fight.
Rwanda is a very safe and friendly country with people respecting each other.

Lots of people in the countryside live in small houses, often using solar panels for electricity.




We saw lots of tea growing on the hillsides.

The capital city is called Kigali has lots of modern and impressive buildings.



We even found a bowling alley and enjoyed having a game of bowling. Dino won the first game, and Lion won the second game. Lion got 2 strikes too…

After all that bowling, we are very tired…time to move to the next country on out trip

To find out more about Rwanda follow us on twitter @Dinoandlion or send us an email at

Big roars



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