We have just cycled into Burundi!

At the border we had to get some Burundian francs.


Here is a Map of the country. It is a really tiny country in Africa. It’s capital city is called Bujumbura.



This is the Flag of Burundi.


In Burundi they also speak French, just like Rwanda. In Burundi, different tribes also were not very nice to each other. A lot of people died in the fighting. Thankfully, everyone has stopped fighting and people are working together peacefully.

Burundi was a beautiful country.. With even more Hills than Rwanda. They were so so steep. Our paws ached at the end of the day from pedalling uphill all day!



We saw coffee growing on the hills. Can you remember how they make coffee from the seeds growing on the plant?


We have seen lots of people Carrying things on head in Africa. Sometimes people carry really heavy things…like buckets of water…one day we even saw a lady carrying a car battery! Wow!


Burundi is quite a poor country and so lots of people cant afford to use cars, buses or minibuses. People travel around using bicycles. Here are some of the bikes we saw.




We also saw some people Holding onto the lorry to get help as they cycled up those steep hills. Dino thought it was very dangerous!


Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania have also got a lot of people from a neighbouring country called Democratic Republic of Congo. DR Congo is not a very safe country to live in so lots of people have escaped across the border away from the danger. If you escape from your country you are said to be ‘seeking refuge’ or called a refugee. We saw lots of Congolese refugees living in a refugee camp. The children and adults were happy and glad to be away from the danger.



When we got to the capital city, Bujumbura… We were welcomed by a band of Burundi drummers. They were very talented.




They carried their drums on their head and took turns to try and kick the drum…they could get their legs so high in the air! It was amazing!

Bujumbura is next to a lake called Lake Tanganyika. This was the most beautiful lake we had ever seen because it looked more like the sea. It had White sand and the water was so blue! We wanted to swim in it …but we heard there were hippos!






After we had cycled along the lake, we cycled up into the hills and then it was time for us to leave Burundi. Lots of children watched as we got our passport stamped


We then cycled off over the hill and nearer to Tanzania!


Big roars

Dino and Lion


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