Roar from Tanzania..


Tanzania was difficult to cycle through as the part of the country we cycled through had no Tarmac roads. The roads were made of dirt. Some parts were very sandy or very muddy and we had to push our bikes. It was very tough! But we kept going….we kept on moving slowly and actually it was quite fun (Dino got his fur very dirty splashing in all the muddy puddles! )





We were deep in the countryside which was really beautiful. Sometimes we cycled through woodland and forests and sometimes we cycled over hills and valleys. The colours were amazing, especially the red colour of the dirt roads!

Because the roads were not Tarmac, it was difficult for vehicles to move around quickly. We saw some minibuses that had got stuck in the mud. Lots of people use bikes to move between villages. We saw lots of people carrying things to take to market or to deliver to friends or family. These are some of the things…





They are building a Tarmac road but it is a long way so it is taking a long time to finish it. Dino enjoyed seeing all the diggers and trucks working on the road.


We cycled all the way from the top of Tanzania, from a place near to Kigoma. We went all the way down through Katavi National Park and a town called Sumbawanga. Can you see those on the map?



It was not much fun cycling through Katavi National Park. We did see and elephant which was munching on grass at the side of the road.


But the park was also full of flies called Tsetse flies… They like to bite people and animals and lion got bitten about 100 times. It was like having 100 injections! Ouch!

Luckily we met our friend hippo and all of his family and they made us feel better! People were fishing next to hippo!






Hippo also told us we should try chipsy mayai (which is egg and chips but all mixed together like a chip omelette). It was really tasty.


In Tanzania they also eat meat with ugali which is like mashed potato but made from maize flour.

We paid for our food using Tanzanian shillings


We had to order our food using Swahili. Some people also speak English.
Click here to learn some Swahili

Hello: Jambo
Goodbye. Kwaheri
Welcome: Karibu
Thank you: Asante Sana

learn Swahili greetings here:

learn to count in swahili by clicking here


We were a long way from the capital city. It is called Dodoma. Another big city is called Dar Es Salaam. We really enjoyed not being in cities…it was nice cycling in the countryside. Tanzania has the highest mountain of Africa..it is called Mount Kilimanjaro. It is 5895 metres high! Wow! Thats the same as 1100 giraffes all standing on top of each other!
It looks amazing with the cloud over it. We were sad that we didn’t cycle near to it. One day Lion wants to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro!

Tanzania also has lots of amazing national parks full of lions, cheetah, elephants etc.

We saw lots of Tanzania flags while we were cycling…


We now have to get to the next country….off to Zambia.


Dino and Lion


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