We are now in the country called Zambia. We were very excited when we got there as it meant we had crossed from Eastern Africa to Southern Africa….meaning we are getting closer to our final destination! We have nearly cycled all the way from the north of the world all the way to the south.


We cycled from the north via Kasama, Kapiri Moshi and all the way to the capital city called Lusaka.
Can you see the route we took?


We saw lots of flags in the country. This was a matchbox with the flag on.


One reason our friends liked Zambia, was because we got to cycle on nice smooth tarmac again. The roads were very good and much better than the sand and mud we had cycled through last month.


North of the capital Lusaka is an area called the ‘Copperbelt’. This is where they dig a metal called copper out of the ground.

Zambia has an amazing natural wonder of the world called Victoria Falls. It is a huge waterfall. The noise from the water hurt our ears and we got wet paws from the spray.


The waterfall is part of the River Zambezi. The river falls hundreds of metres down into a gorge below. The sunsets were very beautiful.




The money in Zambia is called the Zambian Kwacha.


Zambia won the 2012 African Cup of Nations and so the football team are very famous. We saw lots of children playing football.

English is the official language of Zambia but there are 73 languages that are spoken across the country including Bemba and Nyanja. Would you like to learn some?

In Bemba:
ee – yes
awe – no
ulishani – hello
shalenipo – goodbye
Ishina lyandi ni… – My name is…
umuntu – person
umunandi – friend

In Nyanji

Hello. Moni.
How are you? Muli bwanji?
Fine, thank you. Ndili bwino.
What is your name? Dzina lanu ndani?
Please. Chonde.
Thank you. Zikomo.
Yes Ee
No Iyayi

Time for us to go….we are off to spend more tome at Victoria Falls…we will write about that soon…once our paws have dried out!

Big roars

Dino and Lion

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