Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River

Since Dino was born, he has always loved water….but he has never seen a waterfall….

We are now in Zambia and we are near to a very famous waterfall….

This waterfall was discovered by a Scottish explorer called David Livingstone. He was the first European to see the falls. Local people took him to see them and when he got there he described them as “The smoke that thunders”. This is because there is so much water flowing over the falls that it sounds like thunder roaring!


In local language the falls are called ‘Mosi-oa-tunya’

He named the waterfall after the Queen of England. At that time the Queen was Queen Victoria…so he named the falls… “Victoria Falls”

The waterfall is very wide… Up to 1700 metres! That’s huge!

The water falling over the waterfall is from the River Zambezi. Can you find the river on a map of Africa? Where does it start and where does it finish?

Half the falls are in the country of Zambia and the other half are in the country called Zimbabwe. There is a bridge over the river that connects the two countries.

These are pictures of the falls in wet season… Up to 72million litres of water a second flow over the edge! Wow! That’s a lot of water.. We had to stay away from the edge in case we got swept away!

The force of the water falling such a long way makes a lot of spray…. It was like we were being rained on! It looks like a huge White cloud! That’s why they call it the “smoke” that thunders.


The light shining through the spray creates lots of beautiful rainbows!

The noise from the water sounds very loud… In Zambian the falls are known as Mosi oa Tunya which translates as ‘ thunder’

This is the water swirling around after it has fallen down the waterfall…it is called the ‘boiling pot’

In dry season, there is not so much water and the falls are much narrower. It allows you to see the rocks. People say that there is not much water…but there is still 10million litres a second falling over the rock! Thats still an awful lot of water!

You can watch a video of us sat at the top of Victoria Falls here

Wow…this was definitely a natural wonder of the world….

The water continues its journey down the Zambezi River.


We went on a boat tour down the river. Lots of animals live next to the river.
We saw all these friends..








Can you see the elephant footprint! Wow! It was longer than dino!

Time for us to go… Can you find out some more about waterfalls?
What are the names of the five largest waterfalls on the planet?

Big roars

Dino and Lion

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this was the sun setting over the Zambezi as we went to bed



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