Street Child Africa

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We’ve been busy watching the Olympics and Paralympics but now it is time to return to our own adventure.. Cycling from London to Cape Town


We are cycling to learn more about the world we live in but also to raise awareness for children that have to live on the street.

Some children have a horrible life. Sometimes their parents can’t afford to feed them, sometimes their parents are very horrible to them. The children decide that leaving home is the best thing to do….

But when they get to a town they have to live on the street where it is dirty, dangerous, cold and there is nothing to eat.

This is one of the streets the boys live on. Can you see their belongings all packed in cases. Would you like to live here?



Here are some of the boys that live on the street. These are the older children but we also saw children as young as 5 living on the streets. That made us both very sad.



This is where a 15 year old girl lives. She goes to find food and money in the day and at night she sleeps under this tree and cooks her dinner on a fire. This street is in the capital city of Zimbabwe. The city is called Harare. When we were in Harare it was very cold at night. We felt sad for the girl who lived here in the cold.



Luckily there are people in the world who want to help these children. We visited a charity called ‘Street Child Africa!’


Street Child Africa took us to a centre that children could go to if they needed help. It was called the ‘House of Smiles’


These children are some of the most vulnerable children in the world. But in this centre they were safe, could dance, chat to friends and have fun!

We saw some great dancing!


Some children were washing their clothes and cleaning their shoes.



The centre had lots of colourful messages to teach the children how to live a better life.


You can read more about the ‘rights’ children have by visiting this page:
Click here for ‘the rights of the child’

The Centre had some lovely ladies making food for the children. They shared their food with us and we chatted about their lives.


The children loved playing games. This game is a famous game where you have to move the stones around the board. It was very difficult and Lion always lost. They also enjoyed playing football



Street Child Africa works to get children back into school and work with children in school to stop them leaving school to go to the street.




They also make sure the children are fed and healthy. The children looked like they were enjoying school and loved playing outside in the playground.







To learn more about Street Child Africa you can visit their website:


They do a fantastic job…

Remember…we always believe you should treat other as you want to be treated yourself…


Big roars

Dino and Lion

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4 thoughts on “Street Child Africa

  1. Alison (Street Child Africa)

    Thanks for an amazing blog, boys. Hope you enjoyed your time at Streets Ahead and had fun with the kids and staff. Lunch looked good 😉

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  3. Sal

    I volunteered at Streets Ahead for a few months in 2003. Really great to hear they are still doing such great and much needed work in Harare 🙂

  4. Thanks for your comments. We loved visiting Street Child Africa and their partners including Streets Ahead. Great countries, great people, great kids. Big roars to you all and keep readying our weekly blogs. Out every Friday!

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