Big roars to you. We have now cycled to another country called Mozambique! We are feeling very proud as it is a long way from London, where we began our cycling trip in August 2011!

Here is Mozambique.

We cycled along the coast to the capital city called Maputo. Can you see it on the map?


This is the flag of Mozambique.

We saw a lot of children walking to school every morning. However, a lot of children don’t get to go to school. Mozambique has a lot of poverty and so a lot of children have to work on their parent’s farm to help the family get money. We would like a world where every child gets to go to school, to learn, to count, to read, to write and to play with friends.


Lots of people sell fruit at the side of the roads. We bought lots of pineapples and bananas to keep us healthy. These women are selling oranges.


We bought our oranges using Mozambique New Meticals


We have been cycling a long long time… And our paws were hurting so we decided to have a few days holiday. The beaches of Mozambique are beautiful!

Dino loved playing on the beach.. The sea is part of the Indian Ocean!

He met some friends in the sand. They had dug some burrows in the sand.

Yes..they are crabs! This one is called ‘pinchy’


While Dino was playing with the crabs…Lion went Fishing.


Lion watched the women waiting to collect the fish and take them to sell in the market


The women told him that there are lots of doctors in Mozambique but a lot of people also go to see Traditional doctors in their village. They don’t always use medicine that hospitals use. This is a sign for a doctor in a village in Mozambique.


When we started cycling again we cycled across a line on the Earth called the ‘Tropic of Capricorn’.

Do you remember when we crossed another line called the Equator.
Click here to learn more about the Equator

An adventurer called Vasco de Gama sailed around Africa and landed in Mozambique in the year 1498. Lots of Portugese then came to Mozambique to live. They took over control of the country and colonised it.

They built lots of nice buildings.


And the people started to learn to speak Portuguese. Would you like to learn some?
Click here to learn to count in Portuguese

Dino went to play with some friends he met on the way back from school.


While Dino was playing, Lion went to find a friend called an ‘Ant lion’. It is a tiny insect that digs a tiny hole in the soil…any ant that falls in..can’t climb out of the steep sides and gets eaten! Lion and Ant-lion had a lovely afternoon chatting!


One of our favourite things about Mozambique was that ‘Peri Peri’ sauce is made here! Lots of chilli peppers are grown and local people make their own spicy piri piri sauce to use in cooking… Lots of people sell jars of sauce at the side of the road! Yum..


Time for us to go….we need to eat our chicken with peri peri sauce on! Yum!


Dino and Lion

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Big roars

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