Big roars. We have left Mozambique behind and have now cycled into a new country called Swaziland!



There are large mountains in the west of the country…luckily we cycled down the flatter Eastern side which is full of fields of sugar cane.

Can you see the tall green sugarcane?



Sugar cane is cut down and taken to a factory where sugar is extracted from the plant.

It’s made into the sugar that you have in your kitchen cupboard.

We saw lots of people chewing on the stalks as a sugary sweet! We tried it but it was tough for our teeth and lots of sugar is not good for teeth.


There was also a lot of people selling pineapples at the side of the road. Dino loves eating pineapple! Yum yum!

We also ate some other yummy food.
This lady is making some traditional food


Sishwala which is a thick porridge served with meat or vegetables.

Sitfubi Is fresh milk cooked and mixed with yummy stuff

And our favourite was Umncweba which is dried, uncooked meat.


We camped outside in a National Park and Lion kept watch for friendly animals…


…and our friends Rhino and his family came for a chat. Dino and the rhino thought they were brothers because they both had horns!


Dino had to talk to the rhino in Swazi. Would you like to learn some?

Sawubona (Hello, or literally, do you see me?)
Yebo (response, literally, yes.)
Unjani? (how are you?)
Ngiyaphila (I am fine.)
Unjani wena? (and how are you?)
Ngiyaphila nami. (I am also fine.)

When we left the rhino’s…we kept away from the edge of the lake though..


As we cycled further south, the nights started to get colder. We couldn’t camp in our tents so had to find some places to sleep. We found these traditional houses. Dino thought they looked like..Bee hive houses!


Swaziland has a Royal Family.
This is King Mswati III

Mswati III has over 13 wives but his father, the former King, had 70 wives!

The Flag of Swaziland was created with a lot of meaning..

The red stands for past battles, the blue for peace and the yellow for the resources of Swaziland, like the sugarcane. The centre of the flag is a shield and two spears, symbolizing protection from the country’s enemies. Its colour is meant to show that white and black people live together peacefully with respect.


With all that talking to Rhino, we all need some sleep…


Bye for now…

Dino and Lion

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Big roars


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