The final countdown!


After nearly a year of cycling, 12,000 miles and 29 countries passed through…. we are almost at the end! We have just a few final days left cycling along the coast of South Africa.


After leaving the Transkei, we cycled along the coast from Port Elizabeth, past Jeffrey’s Bay where the sea is great from surfing! We weren’t brave enough to get on a surfboard but we did have a paddle!


The weather was turning colder because it was winter in South Africa. Plenty of time to walk along the beach but not warm enough to dip our paws in the water. The sea was full of Whales coming to have their babies in the water. You could see their tails poking out of the water.



We also saw a cheeky seal! We waved and she waved back!


We then had to cycle away from the coast and alongside some amazing mountains called the Tsitsikamma mountains.


These mountains were along a part of the country called the Garden Route. This is a beautiful part of South Africa full of lots of heather plants and plants that are called Fynbos.



The land was so green, the mountains so tall and hardly any people living there. Totally amazing countryside.


We also went to the most southerly point of Africa. Most people think it is at Cape Point near Cape Town….but it isn’t. It is at a place called Cape Agulhas. This is where the warm Indian Ocean waters meet the colder Atlantic Ocean waters.


As we cycled along towards Cape Town, it began to rain heavily. Not nice… so we had a cup of rooibos tea with some friends. Image

and then it was on to Cape Town…

We will write more about Cape Town next week…

Big roars..

Dino and Lion

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