Cycling in Britain

Big roars to you all from the UK! We survived our flight back from South Africa and already we are missing cycling across Africa.

When we got back, we heard that there was some cycling happening in the UK. We were tired and needed some sleep so we sent our good friend ‘Frog’ to see what was happening!


Howdy guys and gals, I am Frog and I love croaking about cycling. I really missed Dino and Lion while they were away…. But now it’s time for me to have an adventure.

I’m off to watch some professional cyclists race across Britain.


It’s a cycle race that has stages all over England, Scotland and Wales.


And it even had an Olympic champion called Bradley Wiggins racing! He won the Tour de France and also an Olympic Gold Medal in 2012.


The cyclists were all cycling in a bunch called the Peloton. They were all chatting to each other, even though they were going very fast down the road. It is the last few kilometres that they start breaking away and racing!


They all race for different teams. Each team has 4 or 5 riders and they all work together to make sure one person from the team wins. Dino and Lion learnt that working as a team is much stronger than trying to do something on your own!

Can you see the green team and the orange team!


The riders all have bikes that are very light…this means they can go much faster than a normal bike. The bikes are also very thin and aerodynamic…. Wow….very quick!



The cyclists have a support crew who drive alongside…they give the riders drinks and also help them to change a puncture or repair their bike! They carry a spare bike on the roof in case the bikes break down.



The winner this year was a British rider called Jonathan Tiernan-Locke.


He cycled a total distance of 1,347.4 km (837.2 mi)
It took him a total Winning time of 33hours 11 minutes and 22 seconds. (they had 8 stages so he was allowed to sleep each night!)

This means an average speed of 40.597 km/h or 25.226 mph! That’s very fast!

If you like watching cycling…you could go and watch the ‘Tour of Britain’ later this year

Visit their website:

Or for more advice for children on how to cycle safely… Visit:

The teams had different jerseys:

Dino and Lion bought a new South African jersey


Here are some other National cycling journeys:






And this is the Team Great Britain and Northern Ireland cycling jersey


Can you design your own cycling jersey?


If you like animals…you could design an animal themed jersey! Or a superhero jersey?

Send your entries to

Enjoy designing…. Big croaks…from Frog! Xx

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