Dino and the Easter bunny!



Big roars to you all at this special time of year!  It is the Christian festival of Easter!

Dino is unwrapping his Easter Eggs…it was very kind of the Easter bunny to deliver them to us!

First, Lion is going to explain more about why Easter is important to Christians.



The story of Easter begins in the city of Jerusalem which is now in the country of Israel. Can you spot where Jerusalem is on the map?



We cycled to Jerusalem last year and so it feels special this year as we can remember all the places mentioned in the Easter story.

Here is Lion on the walls of Jerusalem.


The special book of Christians called the ‘Bible’ describes the story:


Jesus and his disciples were walking to Jerusalem. Crowds of people had heard how kind and gentle Jesus was. This was very different to the Roman leaders… as Jesus arrived the people in the city started shouting “Hosanna” and ” Jesus is King!”

Jesus Riding into Jerusalem

This scared the leaders of the temple. They thought he wanted to steal their power and become leader. They wanted to find a way to arrest Jesus… but he was such a kind man that he had not done anything wrong.

One of Jesus’ followers agreed to betray Jesus and get him into trouble by  making up some stories that he had been causing trouble. His name was Judas Iscariot!

One night, Jesus and his followers (the 12 disciples) had a meal called the Last Supper.

This is a very famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci painted in the late 1500’s. Do you think this is what Jesus would look like?

Jesus was sad because he knew he had been betrayed. Judas left upset. Jesus told his disciples that he was going to go to be arrested and he would have to go to heaven to be with God, his father. The disciples were upset.

The Bread and Wine

Jesus led a ceremony so people would remember him when he was gone. He broke some bread and said “This is my body. Take it and eat it and remember me.”

He did the same with some wine. He told them it was like his blood, when you drink remember me!



Jesus and his disciples, then went to pray in the garden of Gethsemane. You can see the garden just above Lion’s head.


As he prayed, his disciples fell asleep. Soldiers arrived with swords to arrest Jesus.

Betrayed with a kiss

Judas walked up to Jesus and kissed his cheek. This was the sign to show the soldiers who Jesus was… and the soldiers siezed and grabbed Jesus.

Peter, pulled out his sword and cut off one of the ears off the soldier. Jesus touched the man and his ear was healed.


They interrogated Jesus but could find nothing wrong. Eventually, they asked him if he was ‘the son of God’.  He told them he was…and so they arrested him and taken to Pontius Pilate, the Roman leader of the city.

Crown of Thorns

The soldiers took Jesus away and put a crown of thorns on his head.

They gave him a cross and then he had to carry it through the city. This is the gate he came through called Lion Gate.


Once he got to the top of the hill called Calvary, he was nailed to the cross and left their to die. He was not allowed food or water. People shouted…why don’t you save yourself? You saved other people?

Three Crosses

This is the place where people believe he was crucified (that means nailed to a cross)


Suddenly it went very dark… in the sadness, Jesus died. At the moment Jesus died, the earth shook and the alter in the temple broke in two.


Jesus was taken and buried in a tomb in the rock. A boulder was rolled infront of the door to seal it.

This is where people believe the tomb was…it has had a huge church built around it.



Two days later Mary Magdalen, his friend came to the tomb but…. the stone had been rolled away and the body had disappeared…


They found that Jesus had risen from the dead and was alive again!! He told his disciples to go and spread the word of God!


The story is very sad… but also has a happy side to it.

The special days are Maundy  Thursday: this is the day that the last supper was supposed to have been held on.  Traditionally the Queen of England gives special Maundy Money to people… Take a look at this page to see the Royal Maundy Services


Good Friday is the day when Jesus is supposed to have died. It is a sad day for Christians. People eat Hot Cross Buns on this day.




Easter Sunday is the celebration day… this is the day that Jesus is thought to have risen from the dead. On this day people give each other Easter Eggs, chocolate, cards and usually have a special celebration dinner.



Easter is celebrated in Spring and signifies new life…so lots of cards have Spring flowers or animal babies such as rabbits, lambs that will have just been born at this time of year!

How cute thinks Dino!!

Here are some more websites to learn more about Easter!




Well, we must go and eat our eggs.  Have a very Happy Easter.


Big roars



Dino and Lion


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