Celebrating diversity

Big roars to you all and happy summer holidays!

We have just got back from a holiday in Wales! Dino played on the beach while Lion swam in the sea. He had to avoid a big jellyfish!


We were remembering our cycle journey and all the different and amazing people we saw along the way. This week sees the official United Nations Indigenous People day. An Indigenous person is a group of people who have lived in a country for a long long time. They might have a different way of living to the rest of the country.

For example…the Inuit people of North America, still live in Igloos in the snow, use dog sleds and wear traditional dress.



Some cultures still wear different clothes to the rest of the countries people.

An Akha girl from the country of Laos.

A Circassian husband and wife.

Miao girls in China

Sometimes, communities don’t just have different clothes. Sometimes they decorate their body in different ways. Some cultures put plates in their mouths, or wear many necklaces around their neck.
The more necklaces you can wear..the more beautiful you are to the group.

A lady from the Surma tribe in Ethiopia.

Kayan lady from Thailand.


Tribes and cultures sometimes still use traditional weapons

A Batwa Pygmy with traditional bow and arrow.

They still dance traditional dances


They still travel using traditional means


Use traditional musical instruments..

A nose flute being played.


And cook using traditional methods and recipes


We think it is really important to protect and celebrate the different ways that people live. It would be boring if we were all the same….

You can learn more about the United Nations Indigenous People day here…

Click here for more information on the United Nations indigenous day…





Big roars…. Till next week

Dino and Lion

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