Welcome to my educational page for children.


I’m a Primary School teacher from Shropshire but working in London.

I decided to take a career break with some friends. Our idea was to cycle from London to Cape Town for an adventure, to see the world in a different way and to also raise awareness for children who live on the street.


My friend and I set up Dino and Lion as a way for children to engage with our journey, read about the world and see some cool pictures.


In the future, we hope that Dino and Lion will be able to host more educational based materials for use at school or at home. Dino and Lion are very keen to come to schools or clubs to talk about their journey.


If you would like to know more about the journey, book a free assembly talk or have a burning questions then please email



18 thoughts on “Author

  1. Nafeez

    I heard about you your name is mr.moriss from nafeez from netly primary shool

  2. Nafeez

    At assembly class 2nc were gonna talk if we could borrow dinosaur and lion

  3. Nafeez

    I mean borrow dino and lion

  4. Nafeez

    Bye I’m leaving the website

  5. fahim

    hi i am fahim
    and i am from netley school mr morris

  6. Nafeez

    I like those toys that you got from netly primary school

  7. Soad

    that journey was amazing thank you for sharing it with us Mr Morris.

  8. Khalid

    that was awesome Mr.morris I wish I could have such an adventure.

  9. fahim

    hi mr.morris what r u doing

  10. Kai

    Hey Mr Morris, Love dino and lion. How was the Journey to Africa I heard it took a year August To August so cool Mr.Morris Have fun at Netley.

  11. hi again mr morris your so funny

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